30 Years of Happy Tenants

Don Wickman, owner of Wickman Properties, has personally built, owned, and leased office space in St. Charles to hundreds of tenants for over three decades.

The Wickman Advantange

Simple: scale + low overhead + high-end office space = VALUE

1) No middlemen. Just Don and his long-time Office Manager, Pat. Not only does this make things easy for the tenant, all of whom have Don’s cell, but it provides savings Don can pass on to the tenant.

2) Relationships. Over the years, Don has established relationships with the best contractors in the Western Suburbs. These trade veterans drop what they're doing when needed. This enables Don to address things very quickly, and pass even more savings on to the tenant.

3) Scale. Getting prices on “bulk work,” and spreading costs over multiple properties, allows Don to have lower costs per building, and pass the savings on to the tenant.

Notice a theme?

Options Galore

Lots and lots and lots of options. If your exact size is not immediately available, there’s a good chance Don can make it work (e.g. a tenant has mentioned wanting to grow into a larger space, a space is being divided, etc.). And, if you’re the one growing, Don has the space to work with you and your timeline. Many tenants have grown with Don over the years.

If Don does not have what you're looking for, he can refer you to the friendly competition.

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